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Tacos El Norte — good food, great prices

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By Dave Buchanan

Pleasant Prairie

Recently my wife, Eileen, and I took three of our grandchildren for dinner at Tacos El Norte. On the way, there was no mention of their wanting to go else-where. We would not go there for the atmosphere. If you’re looking for anything fancy, go somewhere else. If you’re looking for wonderful food at a great price, you’ve found it.

The youngest braved the scorn of her sisters by ordering chicken nuggets from the kids menu. (At a Mexican restaurant!) I stole a few of her excellent french fries.

The next youngest had nachos with meat from the long appetizer list. Like other appetizers, this must have been designed to be shared by three or four. It was a pile of chips covered with cheese sauce and ground beef (one of four meat choices) and topped with large globs of sour cream and guacamole. Whatever you order, be sure to get some of their guacamole. I can’t imagine how many avacados they go through in a day.

The eldest had the burrito dinner, thus violating the rule against eating something larger than your head. “I’ll take half of it home and have it for breakfast.” Teenagers! I’ve had this meal and can attest to its being delicious. Again, sour cream and guacamole along with rice and refried beans.

Eileen had three tacos each with a different meat filling and an added order of guacamole. She has sometimes ordered the shrimp cocktail. Loads of shrimp with a Mexican inspired sauce. It’s another delicious full-meal appetizer.

I had the quesadilla plate with meat from the appetizer list. Piled with lettuce, guacamole, and sour cream. I could barely finish it.

All of this does not do justice to a huge menu promptly served from a small kitchen. It’s all made right there rather than taken out of cans and boxes. Also recommending it is the majority of customers are Spanish speakers. After a warming and tasty meal, the atmosphere seems just right. Even the jukebox is fitting. With those songs, I know why I can’t understand the words.

At some restaurants, I’ve experienced a letdown when I got the bill — it was good but was it THAT good? Not here. Five generous meals, soft drinks, an extra guacamole, a teenager’s breakfast for the next morning, and enough to take home for her mother’s dinner, plus a reasonable tip: a touch less than $42.

Tacos El Norte is located at 3450 52nd St., Kenosha.