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Secret’s out about Tina’s Somers Inn

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By Judith Lichter Summers

Tina’s Somers Inn was the best little secret I had. Located on Highway E (12th Street) in Somers, this little bar/restaurant has been at the same place since I was married in 1961, and prior to that, probably way into the early times of Somers.

Tina Ludwin is the proud owner at this time. We used to be able to just drop in on Friday nights for her wonderful fish menu. As I spread the word to friends, we then had to begin to make reservations.

The good word spread, and patrons from Kenosha began “driving all the way to Somers” to partake in a wonderful Friday meal. Now, if you are not there by 4:30 p.m. you cannot get in. We are so happy for Tina and her staff.

I call her restaurant “Tina’s on the Square, in Downtown Somers.” Tina is a plus to the town of Somers. Her restaurant is spotless; the employees are superb. It has old farm implements on the walls and pictures of the good old days of Somers. You probably will know someone who is there enjoying the food, drinks and unending conversations.

If you like quiet on a Friday night, after a hurried work week, then this is not the place for you. If you like a wonderful Wisconsin fish fry (and broiled, too), then this is the place to be. Be prepared to wait; they can only prepare the fish so fast and have it perfect for you.

I recommend reservations, and there is also carry out.

I will not tell you that approximately 10-12, and sometimes more, ladies of Somers Condo Complex and friends from Somers, meet once a month for our quiet social hours on Taco Wednesday. That is still our little secret.