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Halftime is worth crossing the state line

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By Lynn Kiser


My husband Joseph and I stumbled across a wonderful place to eat after buying one of their frozen pizzas in a local grocery store.

The Halftime Bar & Grill is located in Johnsburg, Ill., just about a 20-minute drive from (western Kenosha County).

We found Halftime to be a very inviting, family-oriented restaurant with a wide array of menu choices. The pizzas are loaded with any toppings you wish, and they don’t skimp on anything, let me tell you! All you have to do is look at the ribs and they fall off the bone!

Salads, burgers, chicken and many more choices are available for child or adult on their diverse menu. Prices are incredibly reasonable, the staff is fast and attentive, and a deck provides outside seating when weather permits.

Open seven days a week, going back to this rare gem is not a problem, and I can’t wait for our next visit!! The only problem I have is trying to decide what to order next.

Editor’s note:

Packers fans should be aware that Halftime owner Fritz Larsen says the restaurant is primarily a Bears den, but he said, “It’s a friendly rivalry here.”

Halftime Bar & Grill


2405 W. Johnsburg Road, Johnsburg, Ill., 60051




Open daily at 11 a.m. Closing at 10 p.m. Sunday, 11 p.m. Monday and Wednesday, midnight on Tuesday and Thursday, past midnight Friday and Saturday.